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Tube Bending

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Tube bending is a metal fabrication process that involves shaping tubing or pipes into specific shapes, such as U-bends or S-bends. This process can be used to create a wide range of products, including furniture, automotive components, and structural components for buildings and infrastructure.

Types of Tube Bending

Rotary Draw Bending

This process uses a die and mandrel to bend the tube around a bend radius. This method produces high-quality bends with tight radii and minimal distortion.

Mandrel Bending

In this process, a mandrel is inserted into the tube to prevent it from collapsing or wrinkling during the bending process. This method produces precise and uniform bends.

Roll Bending

Roll bending is a method that involves passing the tube through a set of rollers to gradually bend it into the desired shape. This method is commonly used for large-diameter pipes.

Benefits of tube Bending

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Tube bending can create sleek and stylish designs, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a product.

Reduced Welding

Tube bending allows for the creation of complex shapes and angles without the need for multiple welded joints, which can reduce the risk of weld failure and increase the structural integrity of the product.

Improved Flow

Bending tubes into specific shapes can improve the flow of fluids or gases through the tube, which can improve the efficiency of the product.