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Job Works

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Job Works is a process in manufacturing where a company provides specialized services to other companies on a contractual basis. These services can range from designing and manufacturing components to assembly and packaging of finished products.

Types of Job Works


Companies may offer design services to help clients develop new products or improve existing ones.


Companies may offer manufacturing services to produce specific components or products.


Companies may offer assembly services to put together various components and create finished products.

Benefits of Job Works

Cost Savings

Job Works can help companies to save on costs by outsourcing work to specialized service providers, rather than investing in expensive equipment or personnel.

Increased Flexibility

Job Works can help companies to be more flexible in their manufacturing processes, allowing them to focus on core competencies while outsourcing specialized work to other companies.

Improved Quality

Job Works can help companies to improve the quality of their products by using specialized expertise and resources of the service provider.

Faster Time to Market

Job Works can help companies to accelerate the time it takes to bring products to market by leveraging the specialized expertise of service providers.

Proto & Production

Proto & Production refers to the process of creating prototypes and producing final products in manufacturing. This process can involve creating one-off prototypes to test designs or producing large quantities of products for commercial sale.

Types of Proto & Production

Rapid Prototyping

This process uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a digital model of a product, which is then used to create a physical prototype using 3D printing or other additive manufacturing techniques.

CNC Machining

 This process involves using computer-controlled machines to produce high-quality, precise parts for final products.

Benefits of Proto & Production

Reduced Costs

The use of Proto & Production can help to reduce costs by allowing manufacturers to identify and correct design flaws before large-scale production begins.

Increased Efficiency

Proto & Production can help to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process by identifying areas where improvements can be made and streamlining production processes.

Improved Quality

Proto & Production can help to improve the quality of final products by allowing manufacturers to test designs and make necessary improvements before production begins.


Proto & Production can be customized to meet the specific needs of a project, allowing for the creation of unique and innovative products.